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IQQA®-eImaging Solution for Clinical Trial



IQQA®-eImaging Solution

The IQQA®-eImaging Solution for Clinical Trial is powered by our award winning proprietary technologies of real-time 3D Interactive Quantitative/Qualitative Analyses (IQQA), accessible anywhere and anytime through our proven web-based platform for multi-center image dataset management, reading, and reporting. Our scientific and clinical expertise through 10+ years of imaging related R&D and partnerships with the world’s leading imaging experts and organizations allow us deep understanding of your imaging management needs.

The integration of these state-of-the art technologies and expertise results in the top choice of imaging management platform and services for decision support, whether you are a biopharmaceutical company or CRO requiring efficient, consistent, reliable, and scalable imaging evaluation solutions to meet multi-centered study needs or accelerate/enhance existing project completion.

IQQA® Analysis At the core of the IQQA®-eImaging Solution is our patented IQQA technologies and applications. These intuitive tools are provided to efficiently assist with sophisticated 3D quantitative analysis and visualization, highly automated volumetric organ/lesion segmentation and quantification, and streamlined workflow in image/lesion tracking/quantification throughout multiple time stamps, with substantial time saving. Such computer assisted tools also helps to reduce inter- and intra- observer variations that are intrinsic to imaging interpretation.

Cloud Based Web Portals for Imaging Transfer/Reading/Reporting/Archiving Seamless connectivity is essential to the smooth and wide applications of imaging analysis applications. We have designed our proprietary web portals to offer secure web access and full DICOM/PACS compatibility, so that image and report transfer processes are made easy. Such web portals, together with full PACS connectivity, also mean minimal additional hardware onsite and minimal manual work involved.

Flexible Reading Mode – Centralized Read, Site Read, or a Hybrid The IQQA® proprietary cloud based architecture and the full PACS connectivity also makes it possible to readily customize a reading mode for your particular study requirement. Centralized reads, site reads, or a combination of both using randomized or specified protocols, can be customized to suit your cost and efficiency requirements.

Site Training, Image Management Workflow Control, and QA We offer support through web-based programs for site training, and imaging process quality assurance throughout the entire project cycle. Though a robust solution, there is a fast learning curve of our technology that will have you up and running quickly.

Data and Statistics Export From data loading to protocol verification till statistics output, all steps are integrated into the workflow, can be easily tracked and are quality assured to meet the regulatory requirements. Built-in statistical analysis is an integral part of the workflow provided.

Imaging protocol and study design Through our 10+ years of imaging related R&D and clinical applications, as well as partnering with the world’s leading imaging experts and organizations, especially in the thoracic and abdominal fields, we offer consultation of imaging protocol and study design in the related areas.

Dedicated Support and Global Footprint Our headquarters in Princeton, NJ and subsidiary in Suzhou, China offer dedicated project management and services to meet your imaging service needs.





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