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IQQA®-Liver - Customer Testimonials

“To understand each individual’s liver anatomy in a quantitative way is essential to ensure the most suitable surgical approach. EDDA’s IQQA®-Liver provides us a comprehensive, quantitative, real-time tool for better treatment planning with confidence. The ability to make accurate calculations and change potential surgical approaches within minutes allows safe planning at optimal patient convenience.” David Mulligan MD, Section Chief, Transplantation Surgery and Immunology at Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center. January 2011

“In the recent year, our Hepatobiliary Institute has been using IQQA®-Liver to perform advanced quantitative pre-surgical assessment and virtual planning. This approach has resulted in successful operations for many liver tumor cases that would otherwise be concluded inoperable. The latest example was a successful operation on a patient to remove a huge liver tumor of 6kg (30x22x14cm) with the help of this quantitative pre-surgical assessment tool.” Translated from the ZhongNan Hospital of Wuhan University Website. October 2010

“…using IQQA®-Liver for precision, pre-operative planning, our Hepatobiliary Surgery Department and Liver Transplant Center successfully operated on an 8 cm liver tumor case. A traditional approach of Extended Right Hepatectomy would have left only 30% of the patient’s liver remaining. With IQQA®-Liver, the physicians were able to evaluate a precision surgical approach of resection of Segments IV, V and VIII only, resulting in a remnant volume of 45%. After full evaluation and careful preparation, the surgery was successfully executed – the patient recovered well and was discharged after 12 days.  The IQQA®- Liver tools enabled our surgeons to evaluate segmental anatomy and perform virtual simulation within minutes. This offers a great value in improving overall planning and providing individualized surgical approach for maximizing the patient’s benefit.”
Translated from the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital Website and Ruijin Hospital News. Issue No.385. September 2010

“IQQA®-Liver allows for better understanding of surgical anatomy and surgical planning in the preoperative evaluation. This will have a positive outcome on available livers and LLD selection.”
Igal Kam MD, Chief of Transplantation and Paul Russ MD, Professor of Radiology at University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora. August 2010




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