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An innovative solution for fast and fully quantitative liver analysis for pre- & post-operative assessment.

IQQA®-Liver enhances multidisciplinary teamwork on liver treatment planning and improves clinical standards in patient care management. The versatile solution of IQQA®-Liver answers to multi-departmental challenges in treatment planning for liver surgery, transplantation or interventional procedures.

IQQA®-Liver facilitates highly automated, liver-specific analysis where physicians can perform real-time interactive and analysis treatment planning. This exceptionally intuitive and fast solution supports in-depth liver quantitative volumetry with fast, dependable results and allows for versatility of surgery, transplantation or interventional procedure planning.

Users can log into our enterprise server from within the hospital intranet to have immediate access to the comprehensive toolset or sign up for our OnDemand cloud service - no hardware to buy. With such ease of access, users gain substantial time saving benefits while achieving on target treatment planning with IQQA®-Liver.

Automated 3D Liver Segmentation
- Real-time interactive adjustment of liver lobes/segments
- Instant volume measurements (blood-filled, blood-free)

Automated 3D Vessels Analysis
- Automated segmentation & separation (HV,PV & Artery)
- Real-time interactive 3D vessel adjustment/labeling
- Instant volumetry, diameter and distance measurements
- Vascular 3D geometry analysis

Automated 3D Lesion Analysis
- 3D lesion segmentation & multi-phase position registration
- Real-time interactive boundary editing
- Multi-lesion margin analysis
- Volumetry of lesion/remnant

Spatial Relationship Analysis
- MIP and MinIP viewing and Free Angle MPR
- Instant real-time left/right volume/percentage calculation
- Relative position among segmented anatomies

Our reporting tools allow physicians to save confirmed reports locally or archived at PACS in DICOM format for further analysis and treatment planning. Our system also allows you to create images and video for further assessment.

IQQA®-Liver has regulatory clearance from the US FDA and the China CFDA.

IQQA® has been used in over 30,000 cases worldwide for treatment planning in abdominal, thoracic and pelvic procedures.




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