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Next Generation CAD - Computer Aided Detection for Lung Nodules

IQQA®-Chest is an Enterprise CAD Solution for Chest DR/CR.
This is the first FDA cleared system to offer real-time, interactive analysis using a comprehensive toolset to support physicians in their identification, confirmation and quantification of lung nodules.

Enterprise Solution
The lung CAD, IQQA®-Chest is seamlessly accessible in hospital's Windows-based PACS environment without any code level integration needed. IQQA®-Chest has been successfully deployed across PACS including the following: Agfa, Aspyra, Dynamic Imaging, EBM, GE Centricity, Kodak, McKesson, Philips iSite, Siemens and VistaRad.

IQQA®-Chest Enterprise CAD for lungs offers a floating licenses option with the advantage of quick installation and easy maintenance.

Clinical Studies
Independent clinical studies from peer reviewed international journals and conferences including RSNA, ECR, Journal of Academic Radiology, Journal of Digital Imaging and Journal of Investigational Radiology suggest that IQQA®-Chest could improve physicians detection of small nodules as well as reduce inter-observer variation.

The first prospective study on chest X-ray CAD published in peer-reviewed journal showed a sensitivity increase from 63.8% to 92.7% with assistance of IQQA®-Chest (Academic Radiology Journal 2008;15:571-575).

Key Product Features
- Contrast enhanced viewing mode
- Nodule enhanced viewing mode
- Lesion/nodule segmentation in automatic or manual mode
- Instantaneous automatic computation and display of quantitative measurements from segmentation results
- Clinical reporting tools allowing radiologists to include only confirmed nodules in the report
- Report may be printed or stored in DICOM format with the patient's corresponding image file in the PACS archive

IQQA®-Chest has regulatory clearance from the US FDA and the China CFDA.


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