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About EDDA

EDDA Technology is a prominent international player in the healthcare imaging industry. We are committed to providing the most innovative and advanced clinical applications for enhanced clinical efficiency and effectiveness in imaging-guided cancer treatment. Our business partners include Philips Medical Systems, Shimadzu Corporation, plus highly trained distributors worldwide.

Our customer base covers regions of North America, Greater China, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the European Union.

IQQA® Platform Features

  • IQQA®- Intelligent/Interactive Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis –represents our proprietary technology platform which seamlessly integrates advanced imaging  analysis, simulation and guidance into physicians' usage of medical images in patient-individualized imaging-guided cancer treatment.

  • IQQA® provides real-time, interactive toolsets to aid physicians in analyzing diagnostic information from large amounts of patient image data and further offers intuitive tools for physicians to interact with such information for “patient-specific” treatment simulation and guidance in the planning and treatment stages.

  • IQQA® helps physicians increase their clinical performance by bridging the gap between physicians' subjective interpretation based upon patient-specific characteristics and the computer's object measurement from information fusion.
  • IQQA® provides a fast quantitative solution to support physicians to utilize multi-modality patient imaging data for optimal patient care.

  • IQQA®-Chest, IQQA®-Liver, IQQA®-BodyImaging & IQQA®-Guide have all received regulatory clearance from the US FDA. IQQA®-Chest, IQQA®-Liver & IQQA®-BodyImaging have received clearance from the China CFDA.

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